Advanced Workplace Sensors.

A new category of commercial building intelligence which replaces wired lighting control systems with wireless-mesh and adds additional functionality across 5 core competencies.


Climate  – SecurityUtilisationSafetyLighting


- Cloud Platform - SAL Commercial - Advanced Workplace Sensors
Advanced Workplace Sensors - Cloud Platform - SAL Commercial

Smarter, Healthier, More Efficient Buildings


A dense wireless constellation of Advanced Workplace Sensors delivering granular data across 10 metrics for deep insights and actionable intelligence from the cloud platform.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Control

Collection of key indoor air quality metrics such as C02, TVOC, Humidity & Temperature at 5 second increments provides dense, deep data-sets for machine learning and autonomous improvements to indoor air quality.

Advanced Workplace Sensors - Environmental - SAL Commercial

Maintain the Ideal Environment

Advanced Workplace Sensors know the occupancy of all your spaces and autonomously make changes, providing an optimal workplace environment aligned with your portfolio’s energy profile.

Advanced Workplace Sensors - SAL Commercial - reporting

Continuos Measurement + Reporting

The sensor constellation is always monitoring wellbeing metrics in real-time and the cloud persistent connection ensures all the buildings in your portfolio are reporting up-to-date information for optimal decision making.


How Do You Create a Healthy Building?

It all starts with data granularity & access.

Advanced Workplace Sensors unlock the value in creating healthy buildings, measuring & controlling outcomes in all categories of a healthy building’s foundation.

Sensor Constellations to control lighting
Alarms and workflows - advanced workplace sensors
Commercial Building Intelligence - Advanced workplce sensors

To know the Indoor Air Quality, occupancy and lighting conditions in all areas, at all times, is to really know how the environment impacts your employees’ ability to be most effective in their roles.


And, as people are the largest cost for many organisations, tuning the indoor environment to your team’s space useage so they can do their best work, creates a healthier, smarter workplace.

Breakthrough Productivity & Effeciency.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health this equates to $6,500 per employee, per year increase in employee productivity.

This extra functionality brings building owners 20% to 40% energy savings and employee productivity estimated around 60% in improved cognitive scores.

Advanced Workplace Sensors - Cloud Platform

Cloud Building Intelligence Platform

Web-based Cloud enables access from any device from anywhere, with user interface guidelines and technology that requires minimal training.

Digital Ceilings - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Digital Ceilings

Using lighting infrastructure as a carrier for higher sensor density and broader control functionality creates a higher functioning commercial lighting solution – A digital ceiling with cloud control & analytics.

Advanced Workplace Sensors - Data driven asset optimisation

Data Driven Asset Optimisation

Information laden data streamed to the cloud, improves energy efficiency as intelligent buildings quickly acquire the capability to  provide real time optimisation of multiple assets, simultaneously.

Enterprise wide decision making - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Enterprise Wide Decision Making

The cloud platform provides access to geographically distributed assets. Data driven decisions are made by centralising and remotely acessing previoulsy stranded data silos in seperate buildings to improve portfolio performance and provide Portfolio Building Management .


Real time tracking of assets and people.

Ideal for healthcare facilities to track location of critical & expensive assets, and useful in employee egress confirmations in emergency situations.

Social distancing compliance tracking and contact-tracing capable for COVID-19  scenarios.

Tracked information is received by default anonamised to address privacy requirements.

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Advanced Workplace Sensors are a whole new category of building intelligence.

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5 Core Competencies

A full suite of energy efficiency, occupancy, comfort and air quality solutions in one unified platform.

Climate  – SecurityUtilisationSafetyLighting



Indoor Air Quality has a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants and this translates to productivity.

Advanced Workplace Sensors collect data on these environmental metrics in 5 second increments:

  •  Co2
  • TVOC
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Ambient Sound
  • Pm2.5, Pm10

Visualising air quality on building and tenant dashboards provides occupants insight into their space and a demand driven appraoch to HVAC reduces costs.


Real time presence detection in restricted zones can be reported via SMS, email or other notifications via this single platfrom.

Wayfinding and meeting management optimisation can be fully integrated, including wayfinding from lobby to lifts, to meeting rooms, simultaneously delivering seamlessly security.

If visitors stray, linger or get off track this can be managed by security staff with real-time information.


Advanced Workplace Sensors - Security - SAL Commercial



Space Utilisation - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Optimisation of office spaces and meeting rooms available based on useage data and trends.

Answers to questions about how often  meeting rooms are used and how many people are present in these meetings inform future space planning.

Providing realtime information of availability of shared resources minimises waiting times and productivity losses.

Optimising energy consumption, reducing operating expenses by delivering energy only where it is needed when it is needed. 



Increasing building safety and providing a safer working environment.

Indoor air quality measurements can trigger alarms if C02 levels exceed safe working levels to inform occupants, facility management and other systems that action is required.

In the event of an emergency egress events,  having real-time feedback on facility occupancy assists is determining the evacuation status.


Advanced Workplace Sensors - Security - SAL Commercial



Space Utilisation - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Advanced Workplace Sensors embedded in luminaires from SAL Commercial ‘Powered by senseagent’ are ideal for Australia commercial office spaces.

Minimising energy consumption when areas are unoccupied, seperate operating modes for weekends and weekdays/ business hours and after hours incrementally adds to savings.

Scheduling, motion, occupancy, ambient light levels for daylight harvesting, Human centric lighting (tunable white) and designs meet NCC Section J6 requirements.


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Powered by senseagent


SAL Commercial and senseagent working together to deliver luminaire-embedded building intelligence.


SAL Commercial Pty Ltd is the Australian and New Zealand lighting distribution partner with a range of luminaires with Advanced Workplace Sensors ready for plug and play deployment.

Australian designed and engineering by senseagent, this premium solution provides a full stack of hardware, software and cloud analytics to deliver a new category of building intelligence.

5 Core Components

Simple Design at Scale across a single tenancy, floor, building, campus and precinct.


Step 1: Do Your Lighting Design

Euclid - Advanced Workplace Sensors

No seperate lighting control system is needed to comply to NCC Section J6.

Start with your lighting design and nominate “Powered by senseagent” luminaires with embedded Euclid sensors in each SAL Commercial ‘troffer’ style fixture and linear extrusion.

These sensors provide autonomous lighting control.


For commercial downlights and special architectural fixtures in which the Euclid cannot be embedded, a ceiling carrier provides a simple, safe and compliant mounting option.

Euclid - Advanced Workplace Sensors

The Euclid sensor is a powerful wireless-mesh sensor offering full lighting control capabilities using DALI and DALI2.

Plug & Play remote drivers simplify lighting  & lighting control installation in a single fixture package.

Euclids also have Bluetooth tracking built in. The density of the sensor constellation creates the ideal environment for space utlisation and occupancy optimisation data & cloud analytics from both PIR and Bluetooth.

Step 2: Introduce Environmental Monitoring

Euclid - Advanced Workplace Sensors
Euclid - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Then, using the Hilbert Sensor connected to and powered from the Laplace “Switcher”, add advanced environmental sensors throughout your workspace at the required density for indoor air quality monitoring, lighting & tracking.

The Euclid and the Hilbert advanced workplace sensors mesh together in the same wireless-mesh network and plug and play for fast installation.

A ratio of 1 Hilbert sensor to up to 4 Laplace ‘Switchers’ providing a 1:4 ratio of sensors to luminaire control in addition to full-spectrum environmental monitoring.

The Hilbert and Laplace are a perfect pair.

The Laplace receives 240v power and provides DALI control and 500watts of switching power too.

The Hilbert connects to the Laplace for power and collects and transmits multiple environmental metrics in 5 second increments for wireless transmission to the cloud. 

Step 3: Calculate Your Gateways

Euclid - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Depending on the quantity of Euclid and Hilbert sensors –  and which metrics your projects are using – 1 or more Neumann Gateways are needed.

These provide a persistent connection to the Cloud service so an internet connection is required.


Neumann Wireless Gateways are a bridge between the wireless-mesh and the Cloud and create a persistent, bi-drectional connection.

Once the Advanced Workplace Sensors are commissioned, they operate autonomously and do not need an internet connection to operate. 

In the event of an internet outage, both the Sensors and the Gateways continue to collect and store all the data and metrics generated.

Once internet connection is restored this data is transferred to the Cloud service.


Step 4: Commissioning and Cloud

Euclid - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Initial Commissioning is achieved off-site by importing floorplans and defining lighting-control groups in the SaaS Cloud Platform.

On site identification of sensors, whether luminaire embedded or remote, takes less than 5 seconds via the tablet commissioning app and a torch.

The moment the Advanced Workplace Sensors are discovered they begin transmitting data and all other fine tuning can be done on, or off site.


Cloud Platform - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Plug and Play agnostic Cloud with Machine learning, Data flow and analysis, alarms and workflows, including custom dashboards.

Agnostic means customer’s can choose, especially large  private enterprises  and government entities!

Use the Cloud service provided by SAL Commercial for no ongoing-costs for 5 years OR deploy on their own infrastructure for data sovereignty and security.

The high bandwidth, low latency nature of the platform has been built from the ground up to outperform at a fraction of the cost.

Your Advanced Workplace Sensor Inforgraphic to take With You

The benefits of Advanced Workplace Sensor described in simple terms to share with your colleagues.

Simple Installation,

Reduced Integration Complexity

As the advanced workplace sensors are embedded in the lighting fixture or mounted remotely, the contractor cables for 240v electrical with no need for control cable installation or electrical switchboards full of control equipment.

With DALI2, D4i enabled drivers, each luminaire becomes intra-luminaire DALI controlled for full range of dimming and DALI2 performance.

Lighting Control to NCC Section J6 requirements is easily acehived.


REST API, fully documented for integration with other services and systems like BMS, security access, HVAC, audio visual and more.

Data export to 3rd party system capable with low cost of data export. 

The Advanced Workplace Sensors provide autonomous environmental and wellness monitoring for continuous compliance and automated annual reporting for Well Building Standard & others.

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