Applications and Solutions

Advanced Workplace Sensors are ideal for a range of new-build projects, lighting and healthy-building upgrades.

New Intelligent Buildings - Advanced Workplace Sensor Solutions

New Intelligent Buildings

Hospitals and aged care, Universities and Schools, Offices and Retail centres all require more intelligence to produce actionable insight through massive data aggregation & visualisation – creating healthier, more energy efficient, more intelligent buildings, today.

Smart Lighting Upgrades - Luminaire embedded

Smart Lighting Upgrades

Using the lighting infrastructure, Advanced Workplace Sensors embedded directly in lighting fixtures provide a simple plug and play lighting upgrade to more efficient, more intelligence lighting that delivers value beyond the utility of light alone.

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Healthy building upgrades - Advanced Workplace Sensors

Healthy Building Upgrades

Start with a retrofit of environmental & indoor air quality monitoring to transform existing offices, educational and healthcare spaces into healthier, smarter buildings without upgrading your lighting and unlock the health and energy benefits immediately with Advanced Workplace Sensors.

Healthier, More Intelligent Buildings Produce Better Future Outcomes

Smart Offices

Unlock energy savings, productivity and workplace wellness with a unified commercial smart office platform that replaces existing wired lighting control and adds 5 core competencies – climate, safety, security, utilisation, lighting.

Smart Offices - Advanced Workplace Sensor - Solutions and applications
Education - Advanced Workplace Sensor - Solutions and applications


Autonomously optimise learning spaces for students and teachers by measuring indoor air quality, controlling lighting and managing energy consumption based on utilisation and occupancy levels. Our Advanced workplace sensors deliver these outcomes from a unified, wireless platform across classrooms to campuses.


Improve services and reduce costs with real-time location services for critical assets and staff. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) speeds recover whilst autonomous energy optimisation reduces operating costs through our Advanced Workplace Sensor constellation.

Education - Advanced Workplace Sensor - Solutions and applications
Retail - Advanced Workplace Sensor - Solutions and applications


Creating memorable retail experiences across your entire portfolio, starting with the right lights at the right time in the right place. Aggregate occupancy, dwell time and location data to understand how consumers behave in your retail spaces unlocks valuable, actionable insights.