Commercial Office Space

The Smart Office Experience

Attracting and retaining the best talent is where a smart office begins.

Now that you’ve got the best people, helping them to continue do their best work,  maintain and improve their productivity is your task and critical for retention of your people and optimisation of all of your office assets, wherever they are.

With Advanced Workplace Sensors it’s possible to create healthier smart offices in all kinds of buildings, and provide transparency on operations, utilisation and effeciency across portfolios.

    While the “green” building movement tackled energy, waste, and water, the new healthy building movement focuses on the most important (and expensive) asset of any business: its people.

    Harvard Business School, Joseph Allen and John Macomber

    Advanced Workplace Sensor enhance workplace wellness, building optimisation and energy savings by monitoring, measuring and controlling all aspects of climate, lighting, utilisation, safety and security.


    Indoor Air Quality has a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants and this translates to productivity. Advanced Workplace Sensors collect data on these environmental metrics in 5 second increments:

    •  Co2
    • TVOC
    • Temperature and Humidity
    • Ambient Sound
    • Pm2.5, Pm10


    Advanced Workplace Sensors embedded in luminaires from SAL Commercial ‘Powered by senseagent’ are ideal for Australian commercial office spaces and smart office upgrades.

    Creating designs to meet NCC Section J6 requirements is easily achieved


    Optimisation of office spaces and meeting rooms available based on usage data and trends. Answers to questions about how often  meeting rooms are used and how many people are present in these meetings inform future space planning.

    Optimising energy consumption, reducing operating expenses by delivering energy only where it is needed when it is needed. 


    Increasing building safety and providing a safer working environment from alerting when dangerous and unproductive C02 levels are present to assisting with egress.


    Realtime asset tracking, presence detection in restricted zones can be reported via SMS, email or other notifications via this single platform


    Advanced Workplace Sensors - A new category of Buulding Intelligence


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