Smart Healthcare Solutions for Hospitals & Aged Care

Healthcare institutions are challenged with reducing energy costs whilst increasing patient and resident satisfaction.

Add to this the challenges of delivering a productive healthy environment for their employees which both helps to achieve sustainability goals and meets the growing needs of patients and residents for safer, healthier environments in which to get well and live.

Advanced Workplace Sensors are deployed as part of a lighting upgrade or a healthy building upgrade, or both –  across all types of facilities, minimising disruption and creating immediate impact.


Advanced Workplace Sensors provide environmental monitoring, realtime location services for asset tracking and people tracing, space utilisation trends and analysis, lighting control and enterprise level visibility across properties and villages – all in a unified, cloud based platform.


Advanced workplace sensor provide monitoring of C02, TVOC, temperature, humidity in 5 second increments  across healthcare portfolios. The connected Cloud service provides visualisation and analysis of this data as well as autonomous optimisation for occupant comfort and energy consumption.


REal time location services

Asset tracking in healthcare is a critical service to both protect these assets and ensure the ability to locate them in moments when they are needed. Real time location service also provides healthcare operators the ability to know where patients are in their facilities, what their proximity is and has been to other patients and staff and this historical location data can assist with contact tracing in times of pandemic or viral outbreaks. Watch this in action in the video here


With an Advanced workplace sensor constellation installed in your facilities, integrating the solution with BMS, security access and other system via an open API enables automatic energy savings by delivering energy only where it is needed when it is needed – when people are in the space.



When you know where your patients, your staff and your equipment are, at any time, your ability to provide a higher level of care for faster recover and superior service delivery is the outcome. The Advanced workplace sensor digital ceiling provide a dense network of smart sensors capable of monitoring, tracking and controlling multiple service



Industry standard lighting and control capabilities including tunable white and human centric lighting – are delivered as part of an intial installation or smart lighting upgrade. Alternatively, after a healthy building upgrade, moving to a lighting control upgrade in the future is as simple as swapping out old light fixtures with new Powered by sense agent smart lighting.



The Advanced workplace sensor cloud platform allows facility owners and operators the ability to control, manage, analyse and modify all of their connected facilities from anywhere from any device. This enterprise level visibility is delivered via a highly secure, high bandwidth-low latency platform,


Advanced Workplace Sensors - A new category of Buulding Intelligence


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