How to Achieve Workplace Wellness after COVID-19

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senseagent, the workplace wellness leader, is helping employers create a safe return to work in the wake of COVID-19.

The senseagent solution has the well-being tools to reassure employees that effective protocols for working safely are being used and ensures social distancing is being adhered to in the workplace.

Using a sensor system and protocol for controlling lighting, measuring indoor air quality and locating employees in real-time, the senseagent solution is able to monitor interpersonal wellness, to identify and provide reminders, ensuring effective social distancing.

Historical tracing with the fine-grained capability to identify and alert colleagues to any contact with possible positive presentations.

senseagent has the well-being tools to return to work with confidence, feeling protected, safe and secure.

SAL Commercial is the Australian and New Zealand lighting partner for senseagents’ Advanced Workplace Sensor solution.

The key to the sensagent solution is using the lighting and ceiling infrastructure to deploy these sensor constellations, but to provide control and monitoring well beyond lighting alone.

Workplace Wellness described in the video is just one of the core competencies delivered. When you install our Advanced Workplace Sensor solution you are deploying more than those critical wellness services.

This one  Advanced Workplace Sensor platform delivers Climate monitoring for Indoor air quality, security and safety, occupancy and space utilisation and lighting control.

A single platform, a dense, secure sensor mesh and low latency high bandwidth data transmission that certainly eclipses any other lighting-control-only mesh available today.

The granularity, width and depth of data dwarves what other lighting-control-only systems deliver and with that richness of data comes the unlocking of the value in the building, beyond some simple lighting energy savings. The productivity and well being of the occupants.

You also get the added benefit of being able to track and alert based on proximity and enable contact tracing for peace of mind and assurance of a truly efficient and healthy intelligent building.


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