How to Commission Advanced Workplace Sensors

by | Jun 12, 2020 | How to, News | 0 comments

A major issue with modern lighting control systems is the time it takes to commission them.

As this typically occurs towards the end of a project when timelines are squeezed and stresses are high on all vendors and subcontractors, minimising the work and time needed to commission a lighting control system is of major benefit to a range of stakeholders.

Using the sensagent commissioning tool, Advanced workplace sensor performing lighting control capabilities – as well as their environmental monitoring, asset tracking and space utilisation capabilities, can be commissioned in seconds.

SAL Commercial is the Australian and New Zealand lighting partner for senseagents’ Advanced Workplace Sensor solution.


Yet another time-saving reason to consider Advanced workplace sensors for commercial offices, commercial fit-outs, and upgrades as well as implementing smart office upgrades and healthy building upgrades too.


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